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March 4, 2007

Not 21 anymore

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Nathan’s birthday was yesterday. So we went out to celebrate.

A few years ago, a birthday celebration might have included a group of friends at a fun restaurant, drinking and eating until we all needed taxi’s to get home. However, those days are long gone.

This year, the celebration was to include the Stanford Shopping Mall, tapas for dinner, and mini-golf.

Why the shopping mall for a birthday celebration? Well, I wanted to get him clothes for his birthday, and shopping with Andrew & Justin is impossible. I had tried three times in the past month to go:

Attempt #1 was to the GAP for jeans… after one quick pass through (and I do mean quick, 5 minutes tops), Andrew was swinging on the belts and Justin was eating the tags off the jeans.

Attempt #2 was again to the GAP for jeans… this time I honed in on the exact section I wanted with no walking around. However, still, Andrew bolted for the steps to go upstairs. Since I had the stroller, I couldn’t catch him without leaving Justin behind on the bottom floor. When I left Justin, he started wailing. Andrew thought we were playing chase, so took off. In the end, I just got them both and left. That was 5 minutes again.

Attempt #3 no more GAP, straight to getting a sweatshirt at Quicksilver. This time I bribed them with cinnabons and strapped them both into a stroller… and we were in & out with a sweatshirt in 10 minutes.

Still that wasn’t what I wanted to give him. So off to the mall we went – minus sticky hands, quick little feet, and wailing. Nathan leisurely tried on a billion things, and we successfully came away with what we had been looking for.

While we were at the mall (with Nathan, without children, and with time), we tackled what can only be known as ‘cruelty to women’… bathing suit shopping. I haven’t had a new bathing suit (maternity excluded) in over 5 years. I am well past my due. However, I don’t like shopping. And I despise swim suit shopping. And with this new ‘mommy body’ of mine, I am even less thrilled. You know, the mommy belly pouch, the saggy breast feeding boobs, the wider hips…. not bikini material anymore. Not to mention that I have naturally always been the color of Casper the Friendly Ghost. So that wasn’t doing me any favors.

By some stroke of good fortune, Nathan helped me find a cute two piece suit in literally 15 minutes. No tears. No self-deprecating. Just a nice suit that covered what I needed it to cover. Perfect! However, we still couldn’t escape the torture of the 20 year old girl next to me who was trying on a string bikini. As I passed by, she asked her friend, “it’s a little tiny, what do you think?” I took one look at her with her flat belly and perkiness, and kept walking while I told her she ‘looked adorable.’ Nathan thought I sounded a bit dejected… I probably was. Off to dinner & drinks we go.

We headed to a tapas bar in Menlo Park… where we first ordered cocktails. The drink was made very well, and was delicious. However after one sip I knew that this was a moment when I had a decision: I could forget about my kids and enjoy the evening as we used to with a few drinks – OR – I could remember my kids and plan ahead for the next morning at 6:30 when they would be up & ready to tackle the world…and me included. I chose the latter. Nathan chose the former. It was his birthday, so live it up buddy!

I stopped drinking my cocktail, and ordered one glass of wine instead. Nathan drank my cocktail, his cocktail, a glass of wine, and an after dinner drink. Needless to say, he had a great birthday. So did the meat from one of the kebobs that went flying from our table. And the crostini from the cheese platter that seemed to leap to the floor to avoid being eaten.

By 9:00 it was time to go mini-golfing. Neither of us wanted to say it first, but we both finally admitted we were tired and wanted to head home to watch Survivor on the couch in our pajamas.

So we did, and were in bed by 10:00. Asleep by 10:15

There was no guilt surrounding the fact that we didn’t really canvass the town as we might have in previous years. There was no regret about skipping mini-golf, or not going to a movie, or even just staying up past 10:00. In the end, Nathan declared that it was just the way he wanted to spend his birthday. Which is really saying something these days.

What I hear it saying is…. “we are definitely in our thirties, and you are going to have one screaming hangover tomorrow birthday boy”


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