Mountain View Mommy: Sand, Trucks and Testosterone

March 3, 2007


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Five might be the number of fingers on your hand. Five might be the number of days in your work week. However, five in our house means the number of teeth that Justin is currently trying to pushing out of his gums.

If it sounds painful, it is because it is.

He has been a little stagnant in the teeth department for awhile now. He busted out the top 4 and bottom 4 pretty fast, all before he was 6 months old. However, there has been no activity to report since then. Months ago I noticed that his gums were swollen, but still nothing. Likewise he has been drooling as if his mouth is a leaky faucet, but again, nothing.

About a week ago, he finally cut his first molar. I guess he decided to skip the eye teeth – and go straight for the big guns. Poor kid didn’t know what hit him & was up about 4 times a night crying. Of course, I was a moron and thought he was just getting a cold (he’s pretty fussy when he gets a cold). Finally, about half-way through getting it out, I saw the little white points poking out in his mouth. Again, feeling like the biggest jerk alive… I went running for the Tylenol, and kept it flowing until the whole thing was out.

Today he seemed to be out of sorts. He kept fussing anytime something wasn’t exactly right. If he couldn’t lift the big garbage truck onto the table, he would cry. If his milk ran out in the sippy cup, he would cry. If Andrew looked at him the wrong way, he would cry. So I felt around in that mouth of his again… and sure enough, there are five more teeth trying to ram their way out. This time it’s the remaining three molars and the top two incisors.

It seems particularly cruel, to have to get 5 teeth all at one time – especially the molars. Andrew was lucky enough to get them one at a time, and the process was relatively uneventful. But Justin, it seems that he is getting walloped good.

I sure hope it’s over soon… the poor guy could use some uninterrupted sleep, and a decent meal that doesn’t hurt when he chews. Likewise, I would like to stop pouring our college fund money into Tylenol & Motrin stock. At this point, I think they should stop taking our money and start sending us some samples for free.

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