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March 2, 2007

Saying something.

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Justin takes his talking very seriously. I can’t understand most of what he says. But when he says it, he is deliberate & repeats it. So I know he’s saying something important. The reason I can’t understand him is probably because I am used to listening to Andrew, who seems to be trying out for the chance to participate in the next filibuster. Ironically Justin talks more than Andrew… he just has annunciation issues.

Lately however, Justin is making more sense. Last weekend he was wow’ing his grandparents with his ability to repeat whatever he wanted to. I was amazed at his display.

Today however, he had me a bit worried. He says a lot of words that are what you would expect out of a baby who is first learning to talk: cat, boat, car, truck, dog, bird, mama, dada. You know, the basics. But today, he busted out with a new one. ‘Chocolate’. Seriously, I am not kidding. We were sitting there, and he just said it. The only reason I know it was the word ‘chocolate’, is because Andrew had just finished watching a Dora episode about a chocolate tree. So when Justin said it, he pointed to the TV and smiled. Clearly he knew what he was saying.

I thought that in and of itself was hilarious. But it doesn’t stop there. I decided I would video tape him saying it… to show Nathan when he got home. When the camera started rolling, Justin decided to explain how he really feels about chocolate …. see for yourself:

So, do you think I have a problem on my hands?

I didn’t know this obsession would be hereditary…  I shouldn’t have eaten so much of it when I was pregnant.  Now I am going to have to share.  Shoot!


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