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February 27, 2007

Big brains?

Filed under: Body Parts — by mvmommy @ 2:33 pm

If anyone has seen my children, they know that they are top heavy. Yes, Yes, they have big heads.

Andrew’s head has evened out now that he is 2.5. But for a long time we had to cut all the necklines of the shirts we bought, just to get them over his head.

Justin, unfortunately, still has a long way to go until he will grow into his head. We have to get shirts that have buttons at the neckline & even those are too small for his head. Likewise, he wears hats the same size as Andrew & always has. No cute baby beanies for this kid. Yesterday’s doctor’s visit only helped to point out the obvious.

Apparently the poor kid has a head that doesn’t even register on the charts. In fact, if he was 2… it would STILL be off the charts. And if he was 3 .. his head, as it is now, would be around the 85th percentile. Now that is one big noggin!

I don’t care, I think he’s adorable. And there is nothing wrong with him (so don’t start worrying), he just hasn’t grown into his head yet. The only problem I see, is the fact that he is still bald.

So he has this enormous head, and he’s bald, which pretty much is like a beacon telling people to come over and gush over him. If I have a hat on him, he is like every other kid. When I take the hat off… millions of women come over and want to touch him like he’s Buddha. The other day at the mall I had 4 ladies who didn’t speak English following us around for about 10 minutes giggling and smiling at him.. trying to make him laugh. All they could say in English that I could understand was ‘cute’. Justin of course eats that stuff up. So he’ll turn on the charm and smiles, which pretty much melted these ladies into a ball of goo on the floor.

From the way I describe him, you would imagine him to be this tiny kid with this gargantuan head. He’s not. He’s a huge kid… with an even HUGER head. So he’s a force to be reckoned with, especially now that he has started using his head as a weapon. Now that he can walk, he has started head-butting me whenever he wants me to put him down. I think I can safely say that it’s only me who is getting hurt when this happens.

I must thank my darling husband for this. Without him generously passing on this hereditary trait … I wouldn’t have the big bruise on my forehead from today’s head-butting match. Thanks Nathan.


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