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February 25, 2007

Adventure Week: Part 6 – THE END!

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Good Bye Adventure Week.  It was fun while it lasted.  But now it is time to say ‘adios’, and just enjoy the adventure of parenting.   

Today, my better half will arrive on our doorstep, and I hope he is not jet lagged…..because I think I would like to make next week, Mom-is-on-Vacation Week. 

We wrapped up Adventure week by spending the last two days with family.  

We had a play-date with Cousin Savannah at the park.  Savannah is 7 and since she’s the youngest of her siblings, she loves it that she is older than her cousins.  Andrew thinks she walks on water, and would do anything to spend one minute in her good graces.  So the combination is great.  She says ‘jump’ – he says ‘how high’.  Today Savannah taught Andrew how to get over his fear of big slides, how to climb up a spider web rope while she shook it, and how to swing on the big kids swings.  I am thinking that I should pay her to teach him how to give me a foot massage too.   

We also visited Grandma & Pops for dinner and art projects.   This week it included glue, glitter, and truck pictures.  Pops was pretty much guiding the art project, which Andrew was not pleased about.  However, Andrew got him back by smearing all his work.   I think that pretty much evened the score.  In the end, the glue was taken away because someone was eating it.  I am pretty sure it wasn’t Pops… so you can guess who that someone might be.  I cannot decide who was more disappointed about art time ending – Pops or Andrew.  It’s a toss up.  I felt like I had put them both in a time-out, which is an odd feeling considering it’s my father and my son.

The kids don’t know that Daddy is coming home today.  I didn’t want to get them all excited & then have them wait 8 hours for Daddy to walk through the door.   So we are going to have to come up with something to kill the time.    Hopefully whatever we come up with will allow my house to stay clean.  Because I am really trying to look very impressive when Nathan comes home… you know… Mrs. Cleaver:  clean house, clean kids, clean clothes, dinner ready.  I have a feeling that this might not happen.  But it’s nice to dream.


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