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February 24, 2007

Adventure Week: Part 5 – Home

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Today was designated ‘let’s be normal’ day. Thus, we stayed in our jammies for a while. We played in the playroom with our blocks and trucks. We ran some errands. You know, normal stuff.

Nathan is still gone for a few more days … and the boys are starting to miss him. You can tell. They ask about him at breakfast. They want me to set a place for him at dinner. They talk about him when going to bed. I think the novelty of Adventure Week is wearing off, and reality of Daddy being gone is setting in. So we shifted our tune and made things low-key today – with a few fun exceptions to brighten our day.

First of all, we played a lot of hide & seek. Andrew would hide, and Justin & I would go find him. Andrew thought it was funny. And Justin really knew what the game was about, because he would head straight for Andrew the minute I would let him. So it was fun for everyone.

blog112.jpgThen we changed the rules and I introduced… Hide & Seek Animals. I had been saving a pack of dinosaurs and zoo animals that I bought at the grocery store one day. So I busted those out and told the boys that I was going to hide them and they had to find them. Andrew really got into that game. He would go count in his room to 11. Why 11? I don’t know. I told him 10… but he always goes the extra mile. And after 11, he would come running back to blog215.jpgsee where I hid the animals. Justin had a hard time not spilling the beans on the hiding spots… he kept trying to pick up all the animals I was hiding. But Andrew was much more stealthy about the whole process. He would tiptoe up to them telling them ”I’m gonna find you!!!”… and then he would snatch them from their spot and do a little victory dance. It was highly entertaining.

Here are the pictures of him sneaking up on the unsuspecting t-rex, and the subsequent victory dance.

Then we decided to go to Costco. That sounds boring. But really, it’s not. We go to the tire department and watch the mechanics replace and fix people’s tires on their cars. If you blog311.jpghave boys, you know that is fun. We watch the cars go up & down on the lifts. We watch them roll the tires around the shop. We watch the air-pressure machine work. We see them glue up holes. We watch them tighten bolts. All in all, lots of testosterone fun.

And after Costco, we headed back home to have lunch and wait for Jerry the Garbage Man. Today was recycling, yard waste, and garbage day – the trifecta. But Andrew only likes Jerry. So every time one of the other guys took a loop around… he’d say…. “You’re not Jerry. I’m waiting for Jerry. Jerry’s gonna come soon.” As it turns out, Jerry is always last. So right before their nap, he showed up and we ran outside to give him a Pepsi. He tooted his horn for us and let Andrew guide the garbage truck claw to our trash can. It was all very exciting. Justin chased him down the street waving at him, as he went to our neighbors’ houses. So clearly everyone was getting into the Garbage Day fun.

After naps we were rewarded with a visit from Jose, the neighbor’s landscaper. As mentioned in previous blogs, Andrew almost considers Jose his best friend – he follows him around to help him mow, blow leaves, and trim the hedges. Jose is a good sport about it all. In fact, he usually comes over and asks Andrew to help him, which of course Andrew is dying to do. So today, Andrew asked if Jose could come in for a beer with mommy & have a play-date. Seriously, I am not sure if this is wrong on many levels… or just downright funny.

Later before bed, the kids were taking their bath and playing with a squirt bottle. At one point Andrew looks at me and says, “I’m gonna drink my beer & you can’t have any” while he starts drinking the water from the bottle. I say, “oh, you have a beer do you?” Andrew looks at me seriously and says, “No Mommy, I can’t drink beer. The policeman says no, until I get older. I am drinking water.” What a character that one. You would think I was drinking beer all day long from the amount of talking he was doing about it.

All in all it was a mellow day. Just what we were going for. Now if we can get through these last two days without incident, I will consider Adventure Week a success.


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