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February 22, 2007

Fun with Last Names

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Recently we have been teaching Andrew his full name. He loves to go around naming family members and tries to get their last name correct. If you think about it, it’s sort of a confusing concept. For example:

If you are Jill Smith Jones. Your husband might be Bob Jones
That means your child is Joe Jones
One set of grandparents are Grandma & Grandpa Smith
The other grandparents are Grandma & Grandpa Jones
And that doesn’t even count aunts who are married… and don’t fall into Jones or Smith… since they took their husband’s last names.

Have I confused you yet? Well, good. That pretty much sums up Andrew today when Auntie Katie came over. And thus, resulted in the following conversation:

Andrew: “What’s your name Katie?”

Katie: “Well, Uncle David’s last name is Schurtz… so my name is Katie Schurtz”

(Please note that Schurtz… sounds like SHIRTS. You can imagine what comes next.)

Andrew: “No, you’re name is not SHIRTS…. it’s UNDERWEAR!”

Good one Andrew… Good one. And you all know he was super pleased with himself for making his first joke. What a comedian.


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  1. Love it : My nephew is always saying is full name – he’s so proud of it, so of course my kid is going to copy him. But what was funny is they got their last and middle names switched, so when someone would ask their name they’d say the three names really fast over and over and over again. did that with my GM on Bring your kids to work day, and he thought it was a hyphenated last name. It only took about 6 months to get it straightened out.

    Comment by Nicole — February 26, 2007 @ 4:36 pm |Reply

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