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February 21, 2007

So sweet it hurts

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There is a point at the end of every day when I literally take a huge breath and know that the end is near. It is the point when all the tension usually is expelled with one enormous sigh of relief. And when I inhale again… I suck in a tremendous sense of joy and satisfaction. This moment happens in the 5 minutes before my children are put to bed. And it’s one of the best moments of my day.

I am not saying this because my children are going to bed (though that sounds like something I would sarcastically say). I am saying this because of our bed time routine.

After bath we read two books. The first book, both boys get to climb into Justin’s crib and I will read the book to them there. The second book, they both have to be in their own beds.

After the books, I tuck Andrew into his new Big Boy bed with the new Truck Sheets, to which he will giggle with delight. And then I pick Justin up and sing him the Rock-A-Bye-Baby song while I hug him. He’s too old to be rocked now (and too heavy at 27 lbs), but he still loves it… and if I leave without singing it to him he looks so broken hearted. So I sing to him and snuggle him and enjoy the moment.

Then I walk to the door and turn back and look at them both, and say “Good night boys”.

Andrew always replies in the sweetest voice imaginable…. “Good night mommy”. Justin just smiles contentedly with the pacifier in his mouth while he pulls on his ear.

When I say I love you. Andrew replies… “I love you too Mommy” and smiles at me so lovingly that it makes my heart melt. He is not my outwardly affectionate child, so this equal to 10 of Justin’s biggest hugs & kisses.

And when I turn to close the door I hear Andrew say … “see you in the morning” so I peek back and give him a smile and say “see you in the morning sweetheart, it was a good day today”. To this I am rewarded with another smile from both boys … and it makes me forget why I was tired at the end of the day.

It’s doesn’t sound like much when I write it down. But it’s everything. It’s why I wanted to be a mom. It’s why I love my kids. It’s why there is not another job in the whole world that can compare to this one.  Sometimes I feel like the luckiest person on the planet.


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