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February 21, 2007

Adventure Week: Part 2 – Park Playdate

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And Adventure weeks lives on….no pictures this time… without the extra hands, it was proving impossible.

Today we had my girlfriend over with her two girls (3.5yrs and 20mos). We intended on going to the park for a play-date and picnic. However, the weather was playing tricks on us. It was cold, and seemed like it was going to rain at any moment. Thus, we couldn’t decided if we stayed at my house or brave the elements and go to the park. Instead, we thought we would leave it up to the kids.

“Andrew & Zoe, would you rather go to the park or stay here & play”

Andrew – “go to the park”

Zoe – “stay here”

Of course… I am the dumbest parent alive. Who asks two toddlers to decide? And since Remi & Justin can’t vote verbally… they couldn’t break the tie. Thus we had to do both. We played at my house until lunch was over, and then went to the park to get out the extra energy before nap time. By the way, it didn’t rain the whole time. We could have gone to the park as planned. However, if we had, I would have missed out on my very first cocktail play-date!

Yup, Nathan, while you are gallivanting around Europe, I am having wine over lunch with my girlfriends and our kids. I must say, it was very civilized. We had Hawaiian chicken, vegetable rice, cheese, crackers, oranges, and wine (or milk in the case of the kids). Everyone sat and ate at the table nicely. And it was almost, dare I say, civilized ….considering that 4 children under the age of 3.5 were sitting there with us.

The day was great. Andrew & Zoe sang songs to one another that they had learned from their respective music classes. Remi and Justin followed Andrew & Zoe around because of course they want to be like the big kids. All the kids decided that cooking the blocks in the oven would be a good idea… so I think we have 50 blocks stacked in our oven at this point. (Note to self, take the blocks out prior to making dinner tonight.) There was one glass of milk spilled, two chicken bones thrown on the floor, 3 kids jumping on Andrew’s new bed, 4 hands splashing in the bathroom sink, and one million pieces of soil all over our dining room from the plant that was demolished (ironically by the Swiffer when the kids were ‘cleaning up’) … that plant might now be going to plant heaven. All in all, a successful in-door play-date.

After the plant debacle, we decided to move to the park where all of our kids found 6 more kids to play with. So now we are talking 10 kids total, and four mothers. That is a lot of kids in an open area with no fences. And if you don’t know what I mean by that, you don’t have kids that can run yet.

Without more than 4 sentences spoken between all 4 mothers… it automatically became: whomever is closest, gets to deal with it. I had sand duty. I made sure that no one stole sand toys from the other kids & everyone was sharing without throwing sand. Lilly had slide duty and made sure that our kids didn’t break their necks while shoving each other over to get down the slide. Misc. Mom #3 had swing duty and was in charge of rotating kids in & out, while making sure that no one got clocked by walking too close to a swinging child. And Misc. Mom #4 had floater duty… meaning whenever a kid moved into a ‘playground blind spot’… she would go over and check it out so the other mom’s could stay at their posts. It was seamless coordination, considering none of us actually spoke a word about the process. I wish I had the foresight to get these mother’s names, because these are the types of moms I like to have my kids play with in the future. They let their kids do whatever they want, with minimal interruption. But they are there making sure that everyone has turns and no one gets hurt. They are helpful, without you having to ask. AND they seemed perfectly happy to be outdoors with their passel of kids, without screaming at the top of their lungs for little Johnny to stop harassing little Janie. Now that is a good mom to find!

Of course, the play-date had to end… and so there were tears when we had to be plopped back in the stroller (Justin), or asked to walk away from the twisty slide (Andrew). But after a little negotiation, we made it home.

All in all, adventure #2 was a success. Hopefully the rain will hold off for another day, because we are off to the Zoo tomorrow!


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