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February 20, 2007

Adventure Week: Part 1 – Pier 39

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I am deeming this week in our household… Adventure Week.

Nathan is off to Vienna in a few hours. Andrew doesn’t have school due to something called Ski Week (which wasn’t around when I was a kid). The kids and I will be alone for a week. We need something to keep us busy & happy. Thus Adventure Week is born.

Today we kicked it off by going to the Aquarium by the Bay at Pier 39 in San Francisco. We told the kids about it last night, and so it shouldn’t have been a huge surprise that the words which woke me up loudly this morning at 7:00 were “I AM READY TO GO SEE THE FISHES”. We were out of our house by 8:15, and in ‘the city’ by 9:15 (record time for both events). Everybody was raring to go, especially since Nathan went with us before his flight. It was going to be a fun day for everyone.

blog18.jpgSan Francisco was unusually beautiful. Sunny. Not an ounce of fog. You could see the entire peninsula. So it set the mood. The kids LOVED the aquarium, and we loved it because there was literally 6 people there at 9am… thus, no problem letting our kids run around everywhere. There is a people mover that you can stand on while going through a water tunnel where fish swim on all sides of you. Andrew liked the people mover. Justin liked the fish that would sit on top of us.

After setting records running through the fish tunnel, we arrived in the touching part of the aquarium. Clearly this would be the highlight for my kids. Justin, for some reason, loved the crabs. He kept crawling back to that part, pulling himself up on the side, and banging the blog25.jpgwater above their heads – which I am sure they appreciated. Andrew loved the indoor wave machine, the starfish, and the sharks. He even managed to touched a shark as it swam by!

After a fun time at the aquarium, we headed out to the Pier. First stop, a snack location. This was not difficult, since every other shop sells something that will surely clog your arteries but might be worth the untimely death. We settled on 12 mini sugar donuts. Yes, 12. I thought it was a bit much, but after eating 4 myself… I decided 12 is never enough. Justin actually shoved in two, in the same amount of time that I ate four. So I guess he felt the same way.

blog33.jpg While eating our donuts, Andrew spied something that made the fish and mini-sugar-covered donuts seem like the boring part of our adventure. He saw the Merry Go Round! We definitely had to go on THAT. So off we went.

Somehow both kids got strapped onto their big horses without incident. However, the trick was keeping them there for 5 minutes while the operator checked all the harnesses. We made it though! And it was worth the wait. Andrew didn’t want me to touch his horse – because ‘he was a big boy & could do it himself’. Justin seemed to feel the same way, but since he was trying to dive head first off the horse every time we passed Daddy… I ended up having to pin him down with my arm (a move that definitely added to his pleasure).


After getting the wiggle worms off their horses, we headed over to the sea lions. A Pier 39 tradition. And as annoying as I may have found the sound of people barking at these animals in previous years… I found myself doing the same thing with my children for blog61.jpgabout 15-20 minutes. It was so much fun! I think Andrew had the sound down the best. In fact, he apparently was a bona fide expert on sea lions… because we watched him correct a group of 3 & 4 yr. olds that had mistakenly called them seals. As he told them ‘those are NOT seals… they’re sea LIONS’, he then turned to their mothers to make sure they were educated properly too. He explained, ‘They are barking. Like a dog.”

That’s my boy. Nothing gets by him.

blog71.jpgIt was about that time to head home. So we made one last stop to the artery clogging concession stands. This time we had fish & chips. Andrew clearly LOVED the deep fried shrimp and french fries. And Justin must have as well, since he kept yelling ‘DAT DAT DAAAAT’ while pointing to the bowl for more. I think they would have eaten four plates of the stuff if we let them.

We headed back to the car, sad to be leaving such a beautiful day at the city – but smiling from all the fun we had. Everyone was in a good mood, and it was a perfect day. And if we hadn’t been sure about whether the boys had enjoyed themselves or not…. it was clarified when Andrew said to us while driving home:

“You guys are the best”


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  1. glad you liked the aquarium.

    I am on the east coast, and GA just finished building one of the biggest aquarium in the US. If you ever get a chance to come to the east coast, you should check them out.

    Comment by Jardini — February 25, 2007 @ 4:40 pm |Reply

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