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February 19, 2007

John Mayer’s Biggest (and smallest) fan

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In our 6 disk CD changer in the family car there are the following albums:

Beethoven’s Wig (hilariously funny children’s lyrics to classical music – thanks Lilly)
for the Kids (music by a number of currently popular composers – thanks Shannon)
Music Together – Drum season (children’s songs from our music class)
Baby Einstein – Bach
Paul Simon – Rhythm of the Saints
John Mayer – Continuum

When I would get sick of children’s music – I would switch to Paul Simon which the kids liked because of the drums.  And when I was REALLY sick of catering to the kids, I would switch to John Mayer – who doesn’t have any bad words in his lyrics and so is child friendly without being childish.

Recently Andrew has started requesting music.  And not just any music.  Very Specific Music.  John Mayer music. 

Whenever we get in the car, he says, “Mom, let’s listen to John Mayer!”  At first I was delighted.   After 2.5 years of Music Together songs, I was getting pretty tired of it.  So John Mayer has been wearing out the CD#6 spot for a while now.  However, after listening to anything 100 trillion times… you will get sick of it.  Even Mr. Mayer.

Now, Andrew doesn’t just like John Mayer.   He seems to have some sort of obsession with the guy.  If I am listening to the radio and another man is singing… he will say, “I don’t like this man.  Let’s listen to John Mayer.”    If he see’s the Ipod around, he asks if we can turn on John Mayer.  When John Mayer is on, he listens to the instruments being used and asks about them.  He wants to know EVERYTHING about this so-called-man-John-Mayer.

If you think I exaggerate, let me recount my conversation at dinner. 

Andrew was sitting on his chair eating his dinner when he spontaneously started strumming his imaginary guitar and singing to himself.  When I remarked on it, he replied “I am just singing with my electric guitar like John Mayer”

Oh realllllllly?

“Yeah! I am gonna come over and play for you Justin… these are good songs!” Andrew gets up off his chair, ditches his dinner, and starts serenading his brother.   These are the lyrics:

“John Mayer, what do I say
John Mayer, ratoo ratay
John Mayer, oooda tay
John Mayer, what a tay”

At this point, I want to save him the embarrassment for future years (and get him to finish his dinner)… so I suggest playing John Mayer on the Ipod instead. 

Andrew’s response:  “NO, I’m gonna sing him for us! (pause) Ohhhh, Okay.  Here comes John Mayer Justin!  Wait mom, where is he? Are you finding him?   (apparently I wasn’t turning him on fast enough)   Press that button RIGHT NOW!”

Finally the music starts playing as I pour myself another glass of wine and watch the concert unfold in my dining room.    If I could have video taped this, I think I would have won America’s Funniest Home Video’s hands down.

Later as I am clearing plates Andrew mumbles as he walks past me “Does John Mayer have kids?”

At this point I am a bit confused.  Did I hear him correctly?  So I ask, what?

“Moooommm, does he have boys and girls?” 

Yup, I heard right.  I guess he’s now, at the tender age of 2.5, already trying to plot ways to run away from our family and join John Mayer’s groupies.  Could we have possibly been that bad of parents already?   John Mayer look out – he does a mean air-guitar.  


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