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February 16, 2007

Benefits of Poop

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You may think that there cannot be any benefits to poop. However, in my house… that is not the case.

My children hate to have their diapers changed. Seriously, they hate it with a passion.

First of all, they will not poop if they are being watched. Second, they usually will not poop if someone is in the same room with them. Third, not only don’t they like the company, they typically will hide when they poop – yes, they find a comfy corner and hide so no one will figure out what they are doing. Then they nonchalantly come out as if nothing has happened and everyone should go about their business. Too bad that ‘their business‘ is stinking up the entire lower half of our house… and cannot be ignored.

If I approach one of them to try to rectify the problem, they run/crawl away. They have to be carried to the changing table kicking & screaming. So I have started using the kitchen timer to warn them. “you have 2 minutes to finish what you are doing and then I am going to change you. you can either walk nicely or I will carry you”…. beep beep beep… time’s up, here we go.

That is all the downside.

However… the upside to a dirty diaper is the fact that they are trying to avoid me so much that they will actually play nicely in the playroom by themselves for an indefinite amount of time.

Seriously! They won’t talk to me, come near me, or even make very much noise for fear of attracting my attention. They won’t fight over toys. They don’t destroy the toy-box. They are so well-behaved that this is actually what tips me off that something is wrong.

So my new strategy for getting anything done. Give them apple juice. Put them in the playroom & walk away. They have their solitude, they do their business, and I can accomplish folding the laundry and putting it away without any interruptions. Who knew that bodily functions could be so handy to getting chores done?!


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