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February 14, 2007

My Valentine

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In honor of Valentines Day, I thought it only appropriate to write about my own Valentine. Nathan.

This Valentines Day he’s somewhere in Canada talking about Ebay stuff to a bunch of people we don’t know. But he didn’t use that as an excuse to blow off this Hallmark holiday.

On Sunday, Andrew & Justin (AKA, Nathan) came home from the Mountain View Farmers Market with their arms full of flowers … yelling “SURPRISE!”. I thought Andrew was going to topple over from the weight of it. This was better than any floral arrangement they could have bought for me, from any fancy store. Nathan picked my favorite colors. He carefully selected flowers he thought might compliment each other (and did a great job at it). And he let me spend 30 minutes all to myself arranging the flowers in my favorite vases… which he knows I love. When I was done, Andrew said “that’s pretty mom!” And if you can impress a 2 yr old with flowers… you know that your husband picked some good ones!

The boys also came armed with a box of See’s Candies. And not the pre-packaged box, the custom box that had ONLY the kinds I like. Dark Chocolate. Often with nuts or coconut. No fruit flavors. No truffles. Sure enough… all there… (and yes, already on their way to being gone).

And if that wasn’t enough, we all went to the mall, and the boys helped me pick out some bath bubbles and soaps from Lush (which might be my new favorite store). Of course, the boys didn’t understand the concept that mommy might like her OWN bubble bath. So we had to get them some fancy bubbles too – which had them smelling like citrus the next day. This might have been a bonus Valentines gift … because I loved sniffing them all day long.

And to top it off, before he left on the plane the other day, he left me a card that I was to open today. He even left cards for our kids… how cute is that?

All in all, the amount of money spent wasn’t exorbitant. The time spent wasn’t excessive. But the thought that went into it was priceless.

I love my husband. Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart.


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