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February 12, 2007

Precious Art

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blog14.jpgIf you have a toddler, you probably have an ‘art wall’ in your house somewhere. No matter what the size of the art wall, it will always be too small. You could use all the walls in your house, and still not have enough room for the Van Gogh type pictures that come home from preschool or kindergarten.

Andrew is into art. Mostly, he really loves to paint. And by paint I mean, splashing the paint brush, that is dripping with paint, as hard as he can against the paper. Thus splattering anything within a 8 foot radius: up, down or sideways. I love it. I actually find it hilarious blogpaint.jpgand so does he. Granted he does know how to be gentle, and draw nice circles, or paint good solid lines. However, he chooses not to …..because, well, …..let’s face it, splattering paint is really fun. If you do it outside, the clothes are washable – and the rain takes care of the rest. AND, if we do it at preschool, we are not responsible for the mess, so that is even better!

If it’s inside, we have a system. The system involves a lot of little tiny brushes (or toothbrushes when we feel inspired) that can’t soak up a lot of paint. It also involves a lot of paper towels, buckets of water near-by, and floor-mats. Usually this type of painting we do with our fingers, while making hand or footprints. Or we roll his trucks through the paint, so we can make tire-tracks on the paper. Also messy, but a lot more controlled than paint splatter.

blogpaint2.jpgBut paint is not the only art obsession of Andrew’s, the other is…. GLUE. Yes, he loves the stuff. Not because he wants to stick things together. Mostly because he just loves putting the glue on things as if it is paint and then seeing if his hands will get sticky. Preschool always has art projects that involve glue. Most of the time we just put the glue on the brown bear, and that is all that poor bear will get. No nose. No eyes. No bow. Our Valentines day bag was ‘supposed to be’ decorated with hearts.. instead it was simply a ‘glue’ bag. Very white & very pasty. However, if he is feeling particularly inspired, he will put glue on the paper first, and then DUMP EVERYTHING that was provided to him on top of the glue. I guess he is hoping that something will stick. We have a Chinese New Year project like that, which resulted in a LOT of tinsel (maybe a whole box full) coming home with us.

Whatever the project maybe, it is a joy to see your child creating something to take home. I love watching him every Thursday at preschool make something fun. He gets so excited. And he can’t wait to bring it home to show Daddy and put it on the art wall.

blogpaint32.jpgBut what happens when the art wall is full? How do you part with those precious projects that were made with loving little hands, and are so special to you? Well, an experienced mother of 4 provided me with the answer on the first day of preschool.

Here I was, taking 4 paintings home on the first day. All 2 ft by 3 ft. I couldn’t wait to get it on my wall and have Andrew show Nathan. And there she was, having her daughter stand next to the art work and taking a picture of them both. I thought, brilliant … I should do that TOO. And promptly told her how stupid I was for not bringing my camera and doing the same thing, that way I could have BOTH, the art and the picture.

She was quick to grab my hand, and lead me to enlightenment. Apparently, she takes the art work home. And it gets it’s week on fame on the art wall (until the next preschool class, and the new art project). Then she gives her daughter the picture of the art project to keep, and she uses the art project to wrap presents from the kids to their family members. BRILLIANT. Seriously, BRILLIANT.img_6393.jpg

You now have a small, rotating art wall. You child gets hundreds of pictures to store in whatever fashion they would like. You have wrapping paper for years. Your family loves the personal touch of on their gift. Everyone is happy.

And yet, as you can see… we still have our art wall covered in things I am not willing to part with. Yes, I wrapped about 12 presents with art work at Christmas. But still I had more. And I love them. I am not ready to give them away… maybe next year when we have to start putting up art on the outside of our house. Maybe.


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  1. We also got the wrapping paper advice, but we’re too disorganized to remember to use it. My younger son likes to destroy most of his stuff, which takes care of that problem 🙂 We get so many projects from school that I keep stacking them up and I eventually want to take photos of all of them before I need to purge (photos with the kids is a great idea). I’ve also bought 8×11 photo albums and filled them with a big stack to give to their grandma who doesn’t get to do any of the projects with them.

    Comment by Nicole — February 13, 2007 @ 6:15 pm |Reply

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