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February 10, 2007

Sharing a Room

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I have got to say that putting my kids in the same room was probably one of our best accidental parenting tricks. I highly recommend it to everyone.

A nurse told me when I had Andrew, if you ever have another baby… put the second baby in the same room with your first child. She insisted that the children would learn to sleep through one another’s noises with no problem. Apparently the window of opportunity is when your newborn is between 4-9 months, and is getting close to sleeping through the night.

Well, my oldest child is an excellent sleeper. And when you have an excellent sleeper, you don’t want to mess it up. So I wasn’t convinced. And my second child wasn’t a horrible sleeper, he just often wakes up crying because he’s scared due to separation anxiety. So I was doubly not convinced.

However, I was tired of not having a guest room for my grandparents to stay in when they came to visit every week. And we were having family over for Justin’s baptism … so where were they going to sleep? And our guest bed was currently in the dining room, so where were people going to eat for the luncheon after the baptism? And what about the fact I was hosting a Baby Shower for 25 women shortly after that?

img_6356.jpgThere is nothing like Type A/Perfectionist pressure to get you moving.

So we decided we would try moving the kids into one room. We could always undo it. And once we got both cribs in there, we thought… wow… this is a small space. Can two rambunctious boys actually co-exist here, until they are old enough for bunk-beds?

The first few days were difficult. Justin wasn’t so sure he liked his new space. And Andrew was so excited about sharing a room with Justin that he kept talking to him & yelling for him to wake up. This would, obviously, wake Justin up and make him cry. It was a few long days. But amazingly it passed quickly.

blog22.jpgAnd now, 6 months later, it is the best thing we ever did. Seriously, when Justin wakes up crying… Andrew will talk to him and comfort him. And when Andrew wakes up crying from a nightmare, he will calm down if he sees Justin in the crib next to him.

Even better yet is the fact that I think Andrew is teaching Justin how to sleep better. Justin will still wake up after a short nap, but when he sees Andrew sleeping, he will know he’s not ‘missing anything’ and go back to sleep. In this case, his desire to be like his brother is working out nicely for all of us!

blog13.jpgHowever, for me, the icing on the cake is that even when they both wake up … they are happy to stay in their beds as long as they are in the room together. That means, that I can actually take a shower in the morning and let them sit there until I am done! Nothing is more blissful than taking a shower and actually knowing you can take your time without worrying that someone is going to start crying at any second; which will require you to hop out of the shower, wet, and covered in soap.

I can take no credit for this. I owe my daily cleanliness (and my children sleeping better) all to Donna the nurse. Thank you. Thank You. THANK YOU.


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  1. I too put my kids together and had ulteriour motives 🙂 We had a room with a wall of bookcases and it would have been some work to turn it into a bedroom. Instead we have a playroom and bedroom. I read that having kids sleep together is great as they can entertain each other and it also gets them used to sharing a room in prep. for college, etc. even if they get their own rooms as teenagers, which is what happened in our house. When they were younger they would chat when they woke up and it was the cutest thing, easier when both were in cribs though. Now they book into our room first thing in the morning if they haven’t snuck in in the middle of the night. Think we moved to bunkbeds a little too early 🙂

    Comment by Nicole — February 11, 2007 @ 11:46 pm |Reply

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