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February 10, 2007

Red and Blue Kisses

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Nathan has been gone for the past few days on a business trip. And since he is the one who usually gets the kids up in the morning & gives them their bath at night… he is definitely missed when he is gone (and I don’t mean by just me).

In the mornings when Mommy comes into their room instead of Daddy, Andrew always says “Daddy is still at work?” He knows Daddy left to go somewhere on a plane, and knows he will be back – but doesn’t quite know when. Time is an elusive concept for a 2 yr old. So he will ask around dinner time if Daddy will be home for dinner. And he will ask at bed time if Daddy is going to sneak in at night & give him a kiss. It’s very sweet.

But sometimes, the ‘coming home’ is more difficult than the ‘being gone’. Seems odd. But it’s true.

When Nathan gets back from a trip, he resumes the normal routine. He gets to wake the kids up in the morning. And they are always super excited to see him. They want to talk about what they did & where he was. The morning is very lively. However, Nathan still has to go to work. So they get all amp’d up, just to see him leave about 30 minutes later. It is sort of a bittersweet reunion.

Today was no different, except that the boys slept in, and Nathan was in a hurry. So when the kids finally woke up, Nathan only had time to go up and say ‘hello’ and then turn around and run to work. The kids were fine, but obviously a little disappointed. They thought it was the weekend and Daddy was going to make pancakes and stay all day (at least that is what Andrew was hinting at). In the end, there were lots of good-byes and I love you’s… and he was gone again.

I hadn’t given the whole sequence of events too much thought until about five minutes later when I looked at Andrew and noticed he was touching his lips with a very concerned look on his face.

When I asked him what was wrong, he said “Daddy forgot to kiss me”.

I said, “He did? Are you sure?”

He said, “Yeah, I have to go get him…” and he started to get up from the breakfast table and head to the garage door.

I told him, “It’s okay honey… sit there… mommy has something for you instead, while you wait for daddy to get home. I have LOTS of special kisses for you. One for your forehead (and I kissed him). One for your nose (another kiss). One for your lips (kiss). And one for your cheeks (kiss, kiss). That way you have lots of kisses to help you wait for Daddy to come back tonight.”

He looked at me and said, “I need two more kisses. A red and a blue kiss.”

“You got it buddy” – two more kisses planted on his cheeks.

Big smile, disaster averted… thank goodness for those red & blue kisses!

For Andrew, the incident was over in about 5 minutes. However, for Nathan, I bet he will feel bad for days. I hope red & blue kisses will help cheer him up too!

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