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February 8, 2007

Definitely our son…

Filed under: Family — by mvmommy @ 5:27 am

Here is the conversation I had with Andrew this afternoon:

A – “Mom, come upstairs and get my bear with me”

M – “No, you can go upstairs and get it, you’re a big boy. Here, I’ll turn on the lights for you”

A – “No mom, I can’t go upstairs. I am scared of the big gorilla” (that is a stuffed animal in his room)

M – “You are?”

A – “Yeah, Big Gorilla is gonna get me”

M – “Okay then, let’s go together. Should we move Gorilla, so you won’t be scared anymore?”

A – “Yeah”

M – “Where should we move him?”

A – “Behind Justin’s crib, so I can’t see him”

M – “Okay here…. I put it behind Justin’s crib. Do you feel better now? Because I feel better now”

A – ” Yeah Mom, I feel ……. (long pause)….. FANTASTIC (big grin)

I had to laugh and scoop him up for a big hug & kiss. Clearly all that talking he does all day long is helping him to master the finer points of the English language.

PS> For those of you who doubt his talking stamina… I put him to bed at 7:30. It’s 9:30. He is still talking upstairs to his bear in his crib…. AND he hasn’t stopped to take a breath. No I am not kidding.


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