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February 7, 2007

Brotherly Love

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blog11.jpgNothing makes me smile more than watching my children get along. However, these moments are few and far between. It seems like I am always running interference between them, becoming the eternal referee in a war that might not end for another 18 years.

What is it about siblings? Does the fact that you share genetics with another person automatically make you want to taunt them, be rough with them, refuse to share with them, and generally be insensitive to their feelings? Granted my kids are 1 & 2, however, they don’t behave that way with their friends. Just with one another. It’s as if they know that blood is thicker than water, so why not shed a little in the process!

blog21.jpgRecently, Justin is starting to comprehend the word ‘gentle’.. and Andrew is starting to listen to the word ‘gentle’. Which means if I am really fast, I may catch the two of them in a spontaneous moment of sibling love that doesn’t result in crying. Luckily I caught two of these instances on camera.  This is their version of hugging and kissing.  And yes, open mouth kisses seem to be the kind they prefer the most – so watch out ladies!

I plan on using these pictures to remind myself that there are seconds where they do actually demonstrate that they love one another.


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