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February 6, 2007

a gift AND a curse

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I have been having headaches lately. I think it’s because I am not drinking enough water, or I need to wear my glasses more. However, today, another reason popped into my head. Maybe it’s because Andrew NEVER STOPS TALKING.

When he first was learning to talk, I remember thinking, WOW, this is amazing how much he is picking up. I am always so proud of him when he simply starts yapping it up on the phone with Grandma Etter, or in the grocery store to the clerks. I love the fact that people think he is older than he is… because he talks so much. In fact, it’s great he can talk because it cuts down on the confusion of having to guess what he wants all the time. More discussions, less tantrums, happy household.

But sometimes silence really is golden.

We just came home from my grandparents house, which is a little over an hour drive. Andrew literally talked the entire time. THE ENTIRE TIME.

When he couldn’t think of something more to say, he would start making up words and laughing at himself. And when he couldn’t make up more words, he would make noises and start yelling, again thinking that he was hilarious. It didn’t help that Justin found him hilarious too. It would just getting him going all over again.

And don’t think you can ignore him. That is like pouring fuel on the fire. He will repeat “Mommy LOOK AT ME!” over and over until you cave and give in. He is skilled in the art of parental torture, especially in situations where his audience has no way to escape.

Nathan and I must have looked at one another about a dozen times asking silently … do you think he will ever stop?

(I remember my girlfriend Jen telling me that when she was a little girl she would try to get her Aunt Mikey to listen to her by standing in front of her and saying Mikey, Mikey, Mikey. She would repeat it over & over again, and get louder and louder. At the time, she remembered thinking that Mikey simply couldn’t hear her. I can assure you, Jen, she could hear you. She was simply taking a moment of silence for herself because I bet you were a determined little bugger and wouldn’t leave her alone. You probably never heard her silent pleas for help from your mom when they were trying to have a conversation!)

The ironic part is knowing that this trait is one he inherited from my side of the family. My grandmother is the Queen of Gab. You put her in a room, and you may never get a word in (yes, Grandma, you know it’s true). This is a gift she passed lovingly to me. I definitely feel the need to talk incessantly. I can’t hold a candle to Grandma, but I am not far behind.

However, Andrew can talk circles around me AND my grandmother. He actually can make me tired, simply from listening to him. If I talked that much, I know I would go hoarse.

There are some people that wonder what is going on in their children’s head. They say things like “Don’t underestimate them. I bet they know more than we expect. There is more going on up there than we think”. I can honestly say that I don’t wonder about that. I know for a fact there is a lot going on up there. I get a running commentary on all of it all day long.

So for those of you out there who are wishing your child would talk more. Or waiting for them to bust out of their shell. I warn you… be careful what you wish for. It’s a faucet that cannot be turned off! If you really need to hear a child talking, I would be happy to loan out mine for a few hours. You may decide that your quiet household is music to your ears!


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