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February 2, 2007

I am NOT the baby!

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Justin amazes me.

He is the second child, and by far the more determined one. This has it’s ups & downs, but mostly it’s a great trait to have.

Since he is only 15 months behind his big brother, Justin doesn’t really believe there are any differences between the two of them. And because of his determination, there aren’t many. I think he honestly believes he is 2.5 yrs old. He is 15 months. But there is no telling him that. He won’t listen.

First of all, he’s always been huge. So size alone makes him look & feel like he’s a big kid. Every statistic that they do on babies (head circumference, weight, height), he is off the charts. And not by a little. By a galaxy.

But second of all, he can do things that my first born couldn’t or wouldn’t do at his age.

He refuses to crawl up the stairs, unless Andrew is doing it with him. He always walks. Even before he could walk, he walked up the stairs. He would grab both my hands and hang from them, throw his legs from step to step; thus, walking up the stairs. The other day I found him hanging from the railing posts and actually pulling himself up the stairs one step at a time.

He also never crawled on his hands and knees like most babies . He simply refused. He wanted to walk. His brother didn’t crawl, so neither would he. Instead Justin would yell until you came over, and gave him your hands. He would then pull himself up, and steer you to where he wanted to go (which was usually where Andrew was located).

And now that he can walk, he refuses to. Not because he doesn’t want to, instead it’s because he’s too slow on his own. He wants to run and catch up to Andrew… and if he walks on his own, he can’t do it.

Feeding was the same way. He couldn’t wait to get rid of the bottle & use a sippy cup. And he was feeding himself with a spoon, without my assistance, well before he was a year old. In fact, he will watch Andrew and imitate him move for move. If Andrew takes a drink, Justin takes a drink. If Andrew eats a specific thing on his plate, Justin will hunt around until he has found the same thing, and shove it in his mouth. If Justin doesn’t have the exact same meal as his big brother… watch out… you have committed a most serious offense.

Mostly I just find the entire thing entertaining. But the other day I was simply bowled over by how determined that little guy is.

Justin is just starting to talk. He blabs all day long, but mostly it’s unintelligible. Often he is drowned out by his very Very VERY talkative brother who often says ‘stop talking Justin, I am talking’. (Poor kid, no wonder he refuses to give an inch.) Recently he has started repeating words that we are saying: Mama, Dada, bubble, ball, cat, light, star, truck, tractor, moon, Andrew, Dora, etc. Sometimes it’s hard to hear him when he is trying to talk because
1. Andrew is always talking
2. with Andrew the motor mouth running, it’s hard to realize that something seemingly unintelligible from Justin is actually a word in it’s earliest attempts.

So we have been trying really hard to focus on Justin’s talking and encourage him. And we have found that he is not trying to say words….. he is trying to say short sentences. Yes, LITERALLY SENTENCES. He can’t speak words properly, but he figures Andrew doesn’t stop yapping… so neither will he!

The other day he said ‘I want that’. I am sure of it. My grandmother was there too… and we both swore that is what he said. And he has been trying to string words together. He can’t say “Bye” … and he can’t say “Opa”… but somehow he was saying “Bye-Bye Opa.” The more I listen to him, the more I am convinced he is trying to talk like his big brother. Today I heard, “see that” as he pointed to something Andrew had, that he clearly wanted.  And also, “Andrew do” when he was looking at something Andrew was playing with.

And the more I discover the depths of his determination, the more I am convinced that I am going to have to keep my eyes and ears on that one. He is going to be light years ahead of me. It’s amazing what a healthy dose of competition will do. Andrew watch out. You have no idea what is coming your way.


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