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February 1, 2007

Blog Lesson #1

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The other day I asked Nathan what he thought about my blog. He sat there and looked at me for a few moments and then said… do you really want to know my honest opinion?

I should have stopped there. I knew the answer. I knew what my response would be. I knew this did not bode well. But like Andrew, my mouth said “yes” when my head was saying “no” (a post I later found out he didn’t like because 1. he felt it didn’t sound like Andrew (tho I didn’t make it up) 2. he didn’t get it … okay that is fine, I can handle that)

He then said, “well, I didn’t like your girlfriend post because it was sort of over the top. You know, really mushy to the point of kind of creepy. And I thought you had a chip on your shoulder and were trying to say: for those girlfriends who are my friends, I love you … for those of you who aren’t, forget you.”

I tried to explain that I am just a generally sappy person. And right now I am in a really good mood about all the fun things I am doing with my girlfriends. No crazy weirdness to it. I just was trying to write a fun post about it.

He said, well your girlfriends will probably know you & know what you meant. (sort of in a voice that was indicating that this is probably not true, but I am saying it to make you feel better)

Later he admitted that at the end he thought I was asking for Valentines gifts!

SERIOUSLY WHO DOES THAT? I was kidding. For goodness sake, can you imagine asking your friends to send you stuff. Give me a break.

Last night I laid in bed, thinking… hummm… what other posts doesn’t he like? Should I take the Girlfriend post down? Should I send my friends a note to tell them – please no gifts, I was kidding?

At one point I asked him something along these lines and he said:

“Well you know me honey, I am a cold-hearted bastard with my friends.”

Yes, yes you are. However, I still seem to be listening to you.

Lesson learned: if you are going to blog, be prepared for opinions you weren’t expecting. Even if they are from your husband, he is entitled to them too.

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  1. Sorry I haven’t been keeping up. Our trip to Florida last week resulted in a busy work week this week and not much time for the blog.
    Okay, I have some strong opinions on this one…
    1. Never ask your husbands opinion on something like this. We are girls which means we are social, wordy and full of mush over our girlfriends. They will never understand.
    2. I got the joke. I didn’t think you were asking for flowers or candy. In fact, Joel and I exchanged a “Happy Valentine’s Day” while passing each other in the kitchen trying to get the girls fed. I’m obviously not the “candy and flowers” type and you know it.
    3.This blog is not for everyone. It’s for your friends and family. It’s a way for us to check in and see what’s going on in the Etter home when we don’t have time to call. Don’t worry about what you say, how you say it or how long it takes to say it.
    4. Even though I can’t check in everyday, keep writing. You enjoy it and I enjoy reading it.
    5. Love you!!!


    Comment by Megan Bittle — February 17, 2007 @ 10:56 am |Reply

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