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January 30, 2007

Don’t we all feel this way sometimes?

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This morning my son didn’t want to get changed out of his pajamas.  That is a regular occurrence, and who could blame him.  They are warm.  They have a full length zipper that is fun to play with.  There is no elastic around your waist that gets too tight when you eat too much.  And they have feet attached, thus no socks or shoes needed.   I mean, don’t we all want to secretly be dressed in footie pajamas all day long?

So our verbal battle began:   Yes, we need to get dressed to leave the house.  No, I don’t want to get dressed.  Alright, you can stay in your pajamas, but you can’t go visit your friends until you are dressed.   Good, I am staying in my pajamas.  Fine, tell me when you are ready to change your mind.   

About 5 minutes later I hear a whisper that says, ‘I am ready’.

So I immediately stop what I am doing, come on over and say ‘that’s great!   Let’s get dressed and have some fun’.  You know, trying to use that positive reinforcement they are always talking about.

As I am helping him change, Andrew says (in response to the decision to change his clothes):

“Mom, my mouth is saying NO.  But my head is saying Yes ”

I looked at him, confused at first.  And he repeated:

“My mouth is saying NO” (then exaggerates the NO, while pointing to his mouth) “But my HHHEEEAAAD is saying YES” (while he nods his head up & down, looking at me like I am idiot for not comprehending)

I just smiled at him and said, ‘Honey, we all feel that way sometimes… believe me”

He smiled & nodded like he was a little old man, acknowledging life’s difficult compromises.  And looked at me as if he was saying… I am glad you understand that it’s hard to be two & half and that wearing footie pajamas would have been an excellent addition to my play-date today.

Frankly it’s hard to be 33 too.  And I agree with you.  Tomorrow we will spend our day in pajamas … I promise.  



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  2. very insightful read, thankyou.

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